What are Mad Bags?

MadBags are colourful silk handmade jewellery pouches

MadBags are available in two sizes each with 7 Interior Pockets to separate Jewellery so there is not tangling or scratching.

Small and Medium sizes  :

The  Small Mad Bag has 7 interior pockets was made originally for a friend as a tooth fairy bag and has now become a popular weekend and travel pouch. (It is also the perfect size for a baby girl’ precious jewellery and can be used for men’s cufflinks as well.) – $45

The Medium MadBag is the perfect size for travel and keeping your jewellery all in one place and accessible at home. – $60

(The Large MadBag is a generous size for those who wear chunkier jewellery. There are 7-8 deeper pockets and more space in the centre for longer larger bead necklaces. Please note ~ Large MadBags are now only custom orders. Please contact MadBags for more information.)

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